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Everything you need to know About Apple Cider Vinegar

17 Jul 2023

One of the most common ingredients we all have in our pantry is the Vinegar. Where did the word Vinegar originate from? Any guesses? 

Vinegar is a Latin word which means ‘sour wine’. Vinegars have a very peculiar taste. They are usually sour or pungent with strong odour and flavour. Vinegars are fermented, and the naturally growing bacteria in it is the reason behind the pungent taste. 

Did you know that vinegars have a history of 3000 years, and there are about 11 different types of vinegars? Let us check them out.

  • Distilled white vinegar

  • White wine vinegar

  • Balsamic vinegar

  • Champagne vinegar

  • Red wine vinegar

  • Rice vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Sherry vinegar

  • Malt vinegar

  • Cleaning vinegar

  • Industrial vinegar

These 11 different types of vinegars are used for different purposes, and each one of them come with exclusive benefits.  

Among these variants of vinegars, the Apple Cider Vinegar is the most popular and widely used. The apple cider vinegar is also called as cider vinegar or ACV. In this article, let us read and learn everything about Apple Cider Vinegar.

As the name goes, the Apple Cider Vinegar is made out of Apples. The other ingredients that goes into making of this peculiar vinegar are yeast and sugar. The combination of these 3 ingredients make Apple Cider Vinegar all the most interesting. 

Vinegars are extensively used in cooking as it adds a very peculiar taste to the dishes. It is also used as a preservative, and in may pickle preparations for its distinct flavour. You will also see a few used in beauty products, as cleaning agents and for industrial purposes. 


Apple cider vinegar is most popular among 11 different varieties available and has a history of 3000 years. As the name goes, apple with high grade sugar content is the main ingredient of this vinegar.

How is the Apple Cider Vinegar made?

The process involved in the making of Apple Cider Vinegar is ‘fermentation’. The first step in the making of this vinegar is picking the top grade quality apples, especially ones with high sugar levels. These hand-picked apples are later carefully crushed, and the extracted juice is stored aside mostly in barrels. Storing the crushed juices in barrels promotes the process of fermentation. 

Then goes in the mixture of yeast and sugar that does all the magic. 

The production of vinegar includes an additional step which is called as aerobic fermentation, where acetic acid bacteria converts ethanol in cider into acetic acid. 

Like old vines are the best with tastes, old cider vinegars are considered the best. There are several brands all over the world that makes variety of apple cider vinegars. 


Fermented apple juice mixed with yeast and sugar makes the apple cider vinegar. The taste and benefit of this vinegar depends on how old the vinegar is. Older the vinegar, tastier and beneficial it is. 

Apple Cider – A Magical Ingredient 

A lot of researches conducted on this fermented liquid say that it has a lot of magical powers. From health benefits to beauty enhancement, apple cider vinegar is packed with high end nutritional values to improve health of the body, hair, and skin. It is also considered to be a superfood and is used in the making of salad dressing, sauces, and marinades. 


Apple cider vinegar has numerous benefits in-terms of body health, skin and hair. A lot of health products, skin and hair products are made of apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cooking

The most interesting dishes would have the most interesting ingredient in it. And, the most interesting ingredient we are talking about is none other than our very own versatile – Apple Cider Vinegar. 

All the pickle lovers in the house would know the magic of what Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with salt and sugar can do. The taste of these pickle would differ from traditionally made ones, but would make you fall in love with a very peculiar and tempting taste the cider gives. Almost all vegetables like carrots, cucumber, lemon, ram mango, ginger, chillies can all be picked using the apple cider vinegar. 

Always remember that the apple cider vinegar is a strong liquid. Hence, the pickle preparation would have diluted cider vinegar in it.


Apple cider vinegar is most popularly used in Chinese dishes and pickles. The preservative property of the vinegar is put to use in the making of pickles.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar on Skin 

We usually include a lot of items from our own kitchen in our skincare routine. From rubbing the skin of papaya, to applying the mixture of curd and honey, natural ingredients play a vital role in enhancing the health of our skin. 

After the recent studies and research on the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV), most of the beauty products available today include this magic liquid in them for its magically benefits. 

ACV – Apple cider vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties. External application of the vinegar fights infections and blemishes on the skin making the skin smooth and flawless. The acid present in the ACV clears all the bacterial residues on the skin, and prevents the skin from losing its complexion. Apple cider vinegar is highly recommended by dermatologists for several skin conditions like acne, eczema, wrinkles, age spots and so on. 

ACV also has contents of citric acid in it that acts as an amazing agent that decreases wrinkles and age or dark spots. 

If you are looking for a skin toner, you need not go anywhere. A dab of diluted ACV with cotton on your face daily acts as a fantastic toner for all skin types. 


Apple cider vinegar acts as an amazing agent for all skin types with problems like acne, dark spots, age spots, wrinkles, blemishes and rashes. 

Summer is just around the corner and this is one season which brings many skin related problems. Skin spotting, sun burn, acne due to profuse sweating, and rashes or redness due to heat are most common skin problems caused during summer season. 

Well, you need not struggle with these problems as applying the apple cider vinegar on the skin is very easy. 

All you need to do is: 

  • Mix the Apple cider vinegar with clean water and store it in a glass bottle/box

  • Keep a few cotton balls soaked in this mixture

  • Take one cotton ball and dab the liquid on to the skin before going to shower

  • Let the application rest on the skin for 10 good minutes

  • Wash your face with warm/cold water 

  • Repeat this for a few days or make it a routine for better and constant results 

How should the application be if there are age spots or wrinkles?

Well, in this condition, the apple cider vinegar can be applied directly on the problem area. 

There are so many beauty brands now that use ACV as the main ingredient in their products. There are facewashes, face creams, face oils and serums, face mask (creams/gels/sheets), and even wipes made of apple cider vinegars available in the market. 

So, now you know how this magic liquid works on the skin. 

Don’t be surprised with the fact that the benefits cider vinegar brings in haircare routine too! Come on let us now see how this liquid gold enhances the health of the hair. 


Application of apple cider vinegar on the skin is very easy and mess free. It has to be rightly diluted in clean water before applying on the problem area and rinsed well on time for better results. 

Apple cider vinegar hosts a lists of interesting hair care methods:


  • The antibacterial and anti-fungal property of the cider vinegar helps in balancing the pH level of the scalp and promotes healing 

We are all scared of dandruff, isn’t it? And, this is a very common problem with us all. Applying apple cider vinegar on the scalp of the hair prevents building up of the dandruff. 

The apple element in the apple cider vinegar helps in enhancing the strength and the texture of the hair. It coats the hair cuticles and makes it soft and shiny. This mixture can also be used as a cleanser for normal and coloured hair. 

With all of these benefits, one common question that arises is – Would Apple Cider Vinegar suit all hair types? 


Hair experts have confirmed that ACV is safe for all hair types including normal and coloured. People who use external haircare or hair makeup products like hairsprays, dry shampoos will definitely benefit from using ACV regularly. 


Apple cider vinegar is not just used to shine the skin, but hair too. This powerful liquid can balance the pH level of the skin and the scalp of the hair. Using Acv regularly can keep dandruff away from the hair. 

How to apply Apple Cider Vinegar for hair?


Apple cider vinegar has to be mixed with 3 to 4 parts of water before using it on the hair because of its acidic property. 

  • 100 ml of ACV should be mixed with 400 to 500 ml of water 

  • The mixture can be sprayed on to the scalp and the hair 

  • Give the scalp a good massage so the mixture soaks in 

  • Leave it on the scalp for few minutes 

  • Wash your hair with clean water 

  • Back it up with a mild conditioner 

You will be surprised to see so many haircare products in the market which has Apple cider vinegar as the main content in it. After the studies have shown its benefits, haircare product companies have included this magic liquid in their shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair masks, and serums. 

Will using ACV extensively on hair cause any damage? Now this is the most frequently asked question. The answer to it is no, provided the ACV is mixed with 4 to 5 parts of clean water before using to dilute the acidic property. 

Another frequently asked question is will the hair have pungent smell of the apple cider vinegar after the hair wash? Again, the answer is no. Once the hair is washed thoroughly and dried, no odour of the cider vinegar will remain. 

So, if you are planning to rejuvenate your hair and skin, you know what product to own! 


Apple cider vinegar is an amazing product to rejuvenate hair and skin. There are numerous products like face creams, face washes, face masks, hair serums, shampoos and conditioners and packs made of ACV for its magical properties. 

Let us now move on to the health benefits from Apple Cider Vinegar.

 Health benefit on apple cider vinegar

The most recent studies have shown experts calling out ACV to be one of the powerful formulas for weight loss. Not just this, it has several healthful properties that aids 

  • The reduction of cholesterol levels 

  • Lowers blood sugar and pressure levels 

  • Used as fat Burner 

There may not be extensive researches and studies around this, but many experts say that consuming a table spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of drinking water before or during the meal cuts intake of calories. This in turn helps in weight loss and reduction in body fat. 

Drinking a glass of diluted cider vinegar helps in improving digestion and reduces any kind of inflammation in the body. It also has powers to fight bad bacteria residing in the stomach and intestines, enhancing the efficiency of the gut. 

Now that we have seen so many magical benefits of this gold liquid – Apple Cider Vinegar, would you believe there could be some side effects to it too? 


Apple cider vinegar is popularly used for weight loss and reduction of fat from the body. Experts recommend consuming one glass of diluted ACV before or during meal that cuts calories and helps reduce or maintain body weight

Side effects of using Apple Cider Vinegar

Well, generally applying or consuming apple cider vinegar moderately is safe. However, drinking more than 2 to 3 glasses per day might lead to health hazards. 

The acidic property of the cider vinegar may weaken the tooth enamel over time leading to tooth decay. Realising this damage might take time and might also be too late to rectify. Hence, consumption of undiluted cider vinegar is not advisable. 

Also, many nutritional experts recommend drinking cider vinegar with water once a day for weight loss. But, there are high chances of people developing digestion related problems due to the acidic property of the cider vinegar. 


Apple cider vinegar should be diluted before drinking or applying on the skin or hair. Using undiluted ACV can cause damages to skin and hair and can also be hazardous to health. 

Quick tips to use the Apple Cider Vinegar safely

 Tips to Consume Apple Cider Vinegar

To lower the risk of unwanted effects from the cider vinegar, 

  • Good to reduce the quantity of the cider vinegar consumption 

  • Washing off the mixture applied on skin or hair within the stipulated time 

  • Consuming only diluted version of the cider vinegar

With all the benefits known about this magical liquid, it’s time to bring down the apple cider vinegar from your pantry and use it wisely. 


Using apple cider vinegar wisely is important to reap full benefit of it. There are amazing products available in the market which are made of apple cider vinegar and are 100% safe to use.  

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