• Impact of Changing Weather on Immunity

    Impact of Changing Weather on Immunity
    Why we fall ill more during weather change and how to enhance immunity to stay healthy in weather change times Speaking generally, feeling under the weather means feeling unwell. And as we all know, when the weather changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot, most of us feel under the weather. Cold, flu, joint pains, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis flare-ups, allergies – cases of all these go up. This is because of the impact of changing weather on immunity. Simply speaking, weather change has impact on health because weather change also impacts immunity, our body’s...

      Do you know that your skin has somewhat different skincare needs at different times of the day? These skincare needs alternate with rising and setting of the sun, i.e. your daytime skincare routine should be a bit different from the night-time skincare routine. Why is it so, and how do daytime and night-time skincare products vary? Let’s find out. Your daytime skincare routine preps the skin for makeup, sunlight, pollutant onslaught and activity hours.  In contrast, the night time skincare routine is meant to aid skin repair, nutrition replenishment and skin regeneration.  Some skincare needs...
  • Winter Care for the Body

    Winter Care for the Body
      Supplements that help boost immunity Winters are here with their chilly winds and low temperatures. While winters are great for feasting, festivities and celebrations, these also bring in challenges for your health as you are more prone to catching infections like flu and colds. Plus, lack of sunshine and shorter days can upset your body clock and that can cause seasonal blues as well as weaken immunity. In short, winters need you to undertake some extra self-care, especially to keep the blues away and to keep the immunity strong.   Here are some simple and easy...
  • Pre-Wedding Transformation for the Bride and the Groom Getting Fit for the D-day

    Pre-Wedding Transformation for the Bride and the Groom Getting Fit for the D-day
      Getting married soon? Congratulations. Amidst preparations, are you working to transform yourself too? Wedding transformation for optimal fitness is vital for both the bride and the groom. Here’s how to go about it.  To look fit and feel your best on the D Day, focus on the following: Wedding weight loss Wedding energy & mood boost Wedding immunity boost Wedding weight loss Sedentary lifestyles and excessive eating lead to flab. Wedding transformation will get your body from fat to fit by toning up digestion, limiting calories, and boosting metabolism. Here are some tips: Stay hydrated...
  • DIY bridal skincare tips you need this wedding season

    DIY bridal skincare tips you need this wedding season
      Hello, bride to be! Worried about looking flawless on your wedding day? These DIY bridal skincare hacks are here to make it all go away! Up your pre-bridal skincare game from the safety of your home with the help of these easy DIY bridal skincare tips. Packed with glow! A good DIY face pack is on the top of our bridal skincare tips list. A good and effective face pack is all you need to get that glow on. Ingredients  🔸 2 tbsp aloe vera gel 🔸 1 tbsp honey (3-4 drops in case of acne-prone...
  • Sign us up for Christmas gifts that are guilt-free and green! 

    Sign us up for Christmas gifts that are guilt-free and green! 
        ’Tis the season to send out Christmas gifts that are both meticulously and luxuriously formulated with ingredients that stand the test of time.  December 2020, make it a month to cherish and opt for these Christmas gift ideas that are nature-inspired and skin-friendly. So, you know they are free of parabens and sulphates. Everybody deserves the joy of good skin and hair thanks to one hell of an enigmatic year that was packed with heaps of chaos. Here’s a low-down of our products that will help spread happiness. Check out these Christmas gift ideas...
  • What should you be eating in a day

    What should you be eating in a day
    Macronutrients At-A-Glance for You  We all know that the food we eat gives us energy for our activities and helps maintain the body and its various organs in good working condition. A balanced diet with the right kind of nutrition and with the right amount of calories; this is the mantra we have all grown up hearing. But what exactly is a balanced diet and what are calories? And also how to know how much we should eat in a day? To know more on these, let’s read on. Our bodies cannot make everything they need...
  • This festival of light, gift glowing skin to your loved ones

    This festival of light, gift glowing skin to your loved ones
    Happy Diwali and happy festivities, everyone! It’s time to reach out to your loved ones and wish them prosperity, health and happiness. This is also the time to give meaningful gifts that convey how much they mean to you. No wonder come Diwali, everyone looks for a gift that will stand apart in the usual glut of mithais and crockery. A beautiful gift box with some amazing skincare products rooted in Indian tradition of ubtan. Read on to know more. Are looking for a Diwali gift? that’s sure to bring a glow of joy to the...
  • Layering Your Skincare Products Right

    Layering Your Skincare Products Right
      How many skincare products do you have lining your vanity of dressing shelves? How do you use these? In what order? Do you know the correct sequencing of skincare products, or ‘layering of skincare essentials’ as it is called? Read on to know how to layer your skincare products to get the best care for your skin. With a plethora of skincare products – serum, sunscreen serum, toner, scrub, makeup remover, face wash, night cream, day cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, face mask, face pack, and what not, it becomes difficult to know when to use what...
  • Body Butter or Body Lotion (or Both)

    Body Butter or Body Lotion (or Both)
      We all know that skincare goes beyond face and neck, and includes skin on all other body parts too. Moisturization is an essential part of skincare.  As facial skin is thinner and more exposed to elements, it needs higher and different level care, of course, but skin elsewhere also needs pampering of hydration and moisturization.   Imagine your hands looking all chapped and feet looking callused? Or your arms looking so dry that even the mildest of scratch causes dry white lines! The basic fact is that skin all over needs moisturizing care. There are many...
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