• Antimicrobial Essential Oils to Keep Clean & Slay Germs

    Antimicrobial Essential Oils to Keep Clean & Slay Germs
    Essential oils are more than just fragrant liquids that smell fabulous and evaporate when left open.  There is much natural medicinal and curative power inside them that has been used since ages for good health and hygiene. One wonderful application of essential oils is to use them for purifying, cleaning, and disinfecting spaces and surfaces. Let’s know more about how to use essential oils as antimicrobial active. The ongoing Corona pandemic has reinforced the absolute necessity of keeping living spaces clean, hygienic, and germ-free. We are also realizing that cleanliness is more than just the absence...
  • Algae-Rich Omega 3s

    Algae-Rich Omega 3s
    Vegetarian Omega 3 Nutrition from Seaweed Sources What are Omega 3s? Omega 3s are a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids – a type of essential nutrient – vital for the body’s health and functioning in multiple ways. Omega 3s are called ‘essential’ because the body can’t make these on its own and needs to get these from outside through diet. There are 11 types of Omega-3 fatty acids that are collectively called Omega-3s. Of these, three types - eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) are the most important ones as these...
  • The magical effect of Green tea and Tea tree on your hair

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    The magical effect of Green tea and Tea tree on your hair
    Sipping on “chai” does solve a lot of problems for most of us, but the teas that have been that talk of the town lately are Green tea and Tea tree. If you are wondering what is so special about them, let us tell you.  Spilling the tea about Green tea and Tea Tree oil / What exactly is Green tea and Tea tree?  Green tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. They are unoxidized leaves and are not as processed as other tea variants. They are rich in antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Whereas Tea tree...
  • Seven Ways to Better Your Health This Summer

    Seven Ways to Better Your Health This Summer
    Summers mean rising temperatures, harsher sun, and longer days. Summers also mean feeling hot, sweating, getting tired easily, being perpetually thirsty, and just feeling lethargic. There are also higher chances of getting dehydrated due to fluid loss, and getting diarrhoea, as food tends to spoil faster. The way to survive an Indian summer is to adapt your lifestyle to the season. We bring you seven invaluable tips to take the pinch out of the summer and to help you to coolly enjoy the hot months. Stay Hydrated. Simple. Basic. No-fail. Heat makes you sweat and sweat causes...
  • How to Clarify Scalp at Home

    How to Clarify Scalp at Home
    Cleanse your scalp of buildups for glossier hair Residues of hair styling products (style creams, mousses, sprays, gels, foams etc),  shampoos with mineral oils, silicones, and sulphates, hard water supply used for hair cleansing, deep seated dirt, dead scalp cells, hair’s natural oils in excess, and similar factors steal away your tresses’ beauty by creating scalp and hair buildups. These buildups steal away your hair’s bounce and gloss to leave them looking dull and limp. Excessive scalp buildups can even lead to scalp flakes and more hairfall.  We recommend a regular scalp clarifying regimen to help...
  • How to Care for Your Hair in Monsoon

    How to Care for Your Hair in Monsoon
    Rainy season care for your tresses Monsoons mean rains. Rains mean humidity. Humidity means frizzy and sticky hair that tends to fall and flake more, glow less, and generally behave badly. Basically, monsoons usually mean bad hair days stretching through the rains. Well, we are bringing you some wonderful tips to ensure your hair stays healthy, bouncy and glossy even in rains. Read on. Rainy days hair care begins by being committed to a regimen throughout the season. There are two things to remember:  Consistency of regimen i.e. practice a regular routine with oiling, shampoo, conditioning,...
  • Get that luminous glow with a night skincare regime!

    Get that luminous glow with a night skincare regime!
    Nighttime skincare is the way to luminous skin   We all have seen beauty bloggers and celebrities rave about the importance of nighttime skincare. But at some point, we all have found ourselves sitting on the bed and contemplating “Is it really that important? Does it really make a difference?”  The answer is YES! A nighttime routine can have a glow-changing effect on the skin. Importance of a night routine and the difference between AM and PM routines The Day time routine is when your skin needs to be prepared for the warrior mode. It will...
  • Natural Ingredients in Health Supplements are Beneficial for Health

    Natural Ingredients in Health Supplements are Beneficial for Health
    Daily hustle has become our life’s mantra, and for a generation that is always on the go, caring for health has taken a backseat. Approximately -1 out of 4 Indians have the risk of dying from an NCD (Non-communicable disease) before the age of 70 due to the lack of right nutrition and faulty dietary practices. In fact, even people who strive to eat a healthy diet can also sometimes miss essential nutrients. Here’s when supplements act as a lifesaver. Supplements are not only a great source of nutrition that one might miss out due to...

    Say goodbye to frizzy, flyaway hair and hello to soft, silken tresses They say that right after her smile, a girl’s most important accessory is her hair. Frizzy and dull hair can spoil your whole look even if you’ve spent ages perfecting that winged eyeliner, right? And unfortunately, it is not something that can be fixed in a minute with one quick swipe of a hair product. Combating frizz requires some continued tender loving care along with the right kind of products. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with that! Let’s begin with the basics: What causes frizzy hair? Lack of moisture What...
  • Strengthening Your Immunity with Natural Ingredients

    Strengthening Your Immunity with Natural Ingredients
    As the world gets gripped by a pandemic, the importance of healthy immunity is becoming more and important.  We have been talking of immunity, immune function, immune system, immune function support, and things related to it quite a lot recently in this blog. Now we take it a step further and explore the role of natural ingredients in helping strengthen immunity. We also take a look at the supplements that contain these ingredients. First, a recap of what’s immunity and how the immune system works Immunity or immune function is your body’s ability to fight, kill,...
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