Can Onion Hair Oil Damage Your Hair?

Can Onion Hair Oil Damage Your Hair?

Let’s be honest. Have you come across a product or an ingredient that only has benefits? No, right? Any product used in excess can do more harm than good, and the case of Onion Oils is no different. 

While using it the right way can do wonders for you, overusing Onion Hair Oil for hair growth or other purposes can hinder and affect its results. Hence, it is a must to know both the pros and cons of using Onion Hair Oil for hair and the right way to use it. 



1. Healthy looking hair 

Are you tired of dull, dry hair? Well, Onions can help you solve this problem. Onions contain ample nutrients like vitamin A, biotin, zinc, iron, essential for healthy, lustrous hair. The oil seeps deep into the roots of your hair and works its magic. As a result, the follicles of your hair will become stronger, and the frizziness will reduce. The nutrients will replenish and restore the moisture of your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.

1.Irritation and reddening

Onion is a strong ingredient. If overused, it can lead to an itchy scalp that can increase the irritation and the reddening of your scalp. Moreover, one can also experience a burning sensation if the oil is highly concentrated. 

2. Fights dandruff and other infections

Dandruff can happen due to dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, or a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. Luckily, Onion is known for its antibacterial properties and antioxidants, which will stop the aforementioned infections! Furthermore, the antioxidants will strengthen your follicles, help prevent hair thinning, and slow down the ageing process, leaving you with a clean, healthy scalp.

2. Foul smell 

Onion has a pungent smell that can linger in your hair on application. To remove the smell, you might wash it multiple times, washing away all the benefits along with it. Over shampooing will work against the Onion Oil and leave your scalp and hair dry. 

3. Help reduce hair fall and hair loss 

Although hair loss and hair fall are two different things, the underlying fundamental reasons for both of them pretty much coincide. What is the best way to reduce it? A healthy scalp. And the best way to achieve a healthy scalp? Onions. Onion Oil massages improve blood circulation, which in turn increases the oxygen supply. Furthermore, Onion Oil also reduces the free radicals, aiding in the regeneration of your hair. 

3. Escalate eczema

Eczema causes itchiness and cracked skin. As Onions contain sulphur, their overuse can dry the scalp further and boost eczema. Individuals who already suffer from eczema are advised to consult their dermatologist before using Onion Hair Oil for hair.

The right way to use Onion Oil

The best way to use Onion Oil without damaging your scalp & hair is to use the WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil. It comes with a blend of 7 more cold-pressed oils like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil & many more oils to make sure that only the right dose of Onion reaches your hair. The Lemon Oil present also takes care of the foul smell and nourishing ingredients like Coconut Oil & Almond Oil ensure that there is no excessive dryness. 

Keep using Onion Oil 2-3 times a week without any hassle or worries & Be WOW, Naturally! 

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