Is Niacinamide Face Wash Good for Oily Skin?

Oily skin necessitates a little more care compared to normal skin. This does not mean that you have to indulge in a 10-step or a 12-step extensive skincare routine. Sometimes, less is more, and this is true, especially in the case of oily skin.

Sticking to the basic 3-step skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing will work wonders, especially if you do them religiously. The tricky part here? Finding the right products. 

Some products, unlike others, are designed especially for certain skin types. The ingredients in the products determine if you can use them or not. The product that works its magic for one skin type might not do good for another. As a result, choosing the right product with the right active ingredients becomes vital. 

So if you are looking for a face wash for oily skin, we have just the perfect recommendation for you! Niacinamide face wash. 

Niacinamide face wash for acne spots, oily skin, and blemishes is your ideal choice, especially if you have an oily or combination skin type. Wondering why? Fret not. We will tell you. But before we do that, let us walk you through what is a face wash and its benefits. 

What is a face wash? 

A face wash or a foaming cleanser should be an integral part of your skincare routine. It helps clean the accumulated oil, dirt, excess makeup, sweat, and dead skin cells from your skin. This aids in unclogging your pores, allowing your skin to breathe better and feel fresh. Many face washes also hydrate your skin, leaving it clean and soft to touch! 

Benefits of using a face wash

The benefits of using a face wash are many. Some of the prominent ones are: 

  • Washes away accumulated dirt, dust, oil, and makeup. 
  • Sets the stage for your other skincare products to work effectively. 
  • Hydrates and brightens your skin. 
  • Helps you maintain the pH level of your skin

Why is Niacinamide face wash good for oily skin?

1. Regulates oil production

Niacinamide face wash for oily skin will regulate and balance the production of sebum, your skin’s natural oil. It will do so by inhibiting the functioning of the enzyme responsible for it.

2. Unclogs your pores 

Niacinamide is known to regulate oil control. A niacinamide face wash for oil control will unclog your pores by removing the accumulated oils, reducing the chances of acne.

3. Reduces blemishes 

Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, niacinamide face wash for blemishes will reduce the redness of the acne scars and soothe your skin. Furthermore, it will also even tone your skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes. 

WOW Skin Science’s Niacinamide face wash

WOW’s Niacinamide face wash is specially designed to target excessive oil, acne, and blemishes. It is all-natural and free of harmful toxins like parabens and sulphates, purifying the skin deeply. Furthermore, it is cruelty-free and vegan. This face wash will aid you in keeping blemishes away, giving you soft, spotless skin!


WOW’s Niacinamide face wash for skin blemishes, acne, and oil control is your go-to product for balancing the oil production and preventing acne. It is gentle on the skin, leaving it hydrated and velvety to touch. Furthermore, the product is dermatologically tested and free of chemicals. So what are you waiting for? Order your niacinamide face wash from WOW now!


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