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Harnessing the long-standing and science-backed benefits of natural ingredients, WOW boasts a range of skincare that is nothing but good for your skin. We are constantly evolving to incorporate robust bio-actives that give you the most dramatic results, naturally. And lately, we have been working hard on reviving India's most well-kept beauty secret - Ubtan. 

Ubtan traditionally is a herbal paste made using milk, gram flour, almond powder, turmeric, milk cream, lemon juice and rose water. Just like each one of its individual components, Ubtan offers valuable skincare benefits. In fact, women in India have been using it as their glow recipe for generations.

So you may ask what can this powerhouse concoction do for my skin? Well here are some fast facts about Ubtan that you may need to know before you adopt it into your skincare routine.


Anti-bacterial, reduces pigmentation and dark spots, controls oiliness, lightens complexion and mostly leaves you with a GOLDEN GLOW!


While anyone can use products with Ubtan in it, it is especially beneficial for those battling acne, pigmentation and looking to remove tan and brighten their complexion.


Since it's formulated with natural ingredients, Ubtan based skincare can be used regularly.

WOW'S range of Ubtan based skincare includes some of our bestselling and well-loved products like the Foaming Face Wash, Face & Body Pack, Face & Body Scrub, Body Wash and more.


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Want to include more Ubtan in your beauty routine? These Ubtan-infused products are your key to better skin the natural way.

Ubtan Face Wash Gel

Formulated to help cleanse and clarify complexion this face wash is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals and zinc which helps to remove dirt from the skin, lighten tan and even out your complexion.

Ubtan Face & Body Pack

The perfect way to refine and restore tired, sluggish skin and get a radiant complexion, this pack helps to draw out deep-seated grime from the pores and minimize them leaving you with clear and smooth skin.

Ubtan Face & Body Scrub

Made from traditional natural ingredients known for their exfoliating and skin rejuvenating properties, this scrub moisturizes and prevents fine lines and dryness while removing dead skin layer and fine facial and body hair.

Ubtan Body Wash

With nothing but healthy skin benefits in every drop this body wash leaves skin amply moisturized and deeply nourished. It also aids in removing impurities and works to manage tanned skin by lightening and brightening it with every use.

Ubtan Foaming Face Wash (With Built-In Brush)

The newest addition to the Ubtan range, this facewash is exactly what you need to restore your skin's natural radiance. It lightens skin and evens out a patchy complexion while also protecting it from environmental damage. Talk about a face wash that does it all!

For more holistic results we recommend that you use a combination of products from our Ubtan range. With our naturally formulated products, you are sure to be on your way to developing a skin care system that works wonders to boost your skin's health and to attain that MAGICAL GLOW

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