Which WOW Shampoo Is The Best Shampoo For Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control?

Which WOW Shampoo Is The Best Shampoo For Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control?

Are you tired of losing uncountable strands of hair every time you comb or wash them? Is your hair losing its volume and thickness with every passing day? While losing anywhere between 50-100 strands is considered completely normal, anything beyond that can be a red flag for hair loss. Rapid hair loss and slow hair growth can quickly turn to baldness. Now that’s something most individuals fear! 

Using the right hair care products with correct ingredients can prevent hair loss and contribute to hair growth. One such product is shampoo. It is a necessary step in the hair care routine, and you must choose your shampoo wisely. So if you often find yourself searching for the best shampoo for hair growth or the best shampoo for hair fall control, keep reading. 

Benefits of using a shampoo

1. Healthy scalp 

Water alone is ineffective at cleansing your scalp and removing the accumulated dirt, oil, and grime. Furthermore, the oils and dirt can cause your hair to smell really bad and look unhealthy. Washing your hair with the appropriate shampoo will remove the dirt, oil, as well as dead cells, and sweat. This will eliminate the odour, and you can then use other products to make your hair smell pleasant and lovely.

2. Prevent dandruff

Dandruff results from dry hair and scalp itchiness, leading to visible flakes. Conditioning shampoos formulated with special ingredients can help treat your dandruff by hydrating and cleaning your scalp at the same time. A shampoo formulated using Green Tea and Tea Tree, or Apple Cider Vinegar is the best shampoo for dandruff.  These shampoos do not strip the scalp of its natural oils but gently cleanse it. 

3. Prevent hair loss

Besides helping you maintain a clean scalp and fighting dandruff, shampoos can also prevent hair loss. For most individuals, hair loss is because of an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. Luckily, some shampoos are specially formulated with ingredients that inhibit the impact of this hormone. For example, a shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil is the best shampoo for hair loss since it helps in blocking DHT.

WOW’s Onion Shampoo for hair growth and hair fall control 

WOW Skin Science has a range of shampoos with active ingredients like Onion, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Coconut Milk, Moroccan Argan Oil, Charcoal, Himalayan Rose, etc. Each one is formulated using ingredients from nature in the right proportion to promote holistic hair care.

Among the many, the Onion shampoo is the best shampoo for hair fall and hair fall control. WOW’s Onion shampoo is formulated using a blend of organic ingredients like Red Onion Seed Oil Extract, Black Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5. 

The Onion Shampoo helps to clear clogged roots and strengthen hair follicles. The Red Onion extract has powerful antioxidant effects and protects the scalp and hair while increasing blood circulation to the roots. Furthermore, the fatty acid-rich Black Seed Oil nourishes the scalp, and the Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes the scalp and hair. 


WOW’s Onion shampoo is the best shampoo for hair growth, given its careful and all-natural formulation. The shampoo is free of any harmful toxins and chemicals. WOW's Onion shampoo moisturizes the roots and scalp, making hair seem healthier and more glossy. With no harsh additives and antioxidant properties, WOW’s Onion shampoo is a must-have in your hair care routine!


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