• Gifting ideas your mom will love for sure

    Gifting ideas your mom will love for sure
    Gifting ideas your mom will love for sure Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation towards your mother or any woman who has nurtured you. Giving her that perfect gift that expresses how much love, care and gratitude we have for our mothers, can be quite daunting. To help you choose the perfect gift for the special woman in your life, we at WOW Skin Science have compiled a list of the perfect natural beauty and wellness products.  Our Mother’s Day gifting ideas will have...
  • Why are probiotics good for our immune system

    Why are probiotics good for our immune system
    Anyone who is health-conscious knows that consuming probiotics is great for digestive and intestinal (gut) health. But do you know that probiotics are good for your immunity too? Do you know that your intestine and immunity are interlinked, and better gut health can mean better immunity too?  You already know that probiotics i.e. friendly bacteria are linked to your gut health. Well, gut health is linked directly to how well your body is able to fight invading infectious microbes. Consuming probiotics – as foods or supplements – can help improve both, your gut health and your...

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    Brighter, smoother & younger-looking skin with Vitamin C care We all know that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the food we eat. However, do you know that Vitamin C is also a wonder molecule for complexion care! Skincare experts have even termed it as the Holy Grail of skincare as it has skin brightening, firming and anti-aging benefits. Here is a look at how to make Vitamin C work for your skin. Dullness, patchiness, fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, acne marks, and blemishes are some of the most common skin complexion issues...
  • Want to Lighten Those Stretch Marks from Your Skin?

    Want to Lighten Those Stretch Marks from Your Skin?
    Here’s how to do it. Are ugly looking stretch marks marring your skin’s once flawless beauty and in the process, harming your body confidence? Do you know almost 50% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy? Many more women and men develop stretch marks due to weight loss/gain and bodybuilding? Are you looking for tips and products to lighten these? Here is some information you must read. Plus, product recommendations can really help lighten stretch marks. Before we know how to tackle stretch marks, let’s get to know what exactly are stretch marks and how do...

    Empower Your Skincare Regimen With Face Masks Cleansing, toning & moisturizing may be the pillars of skincare, but just these three steps are not enough. Your skin needs some intensive supplementary care as well to look its clearest and glowing best. Face masks are an excellent addition to your skincare routine as these pack in multiple skin benefits. Let’s know more about face masks. What are face masks? Face masks are a wonderful addition to a healthy skincare routine. Face masks are creamy formulations containing a blend of skin-friendly actives like natural clays, plant extracts, hyaluronic...

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    Sleep and immunity are both vital functions of the body. We can’t survive without sleep. We certainly can’t survive without immunity. While these two are separate functions, there is some underlying linkage between the two. By ensuring good sleep, you may be able to give your body’s immunity a healthy boost. Here’s a detailed look at this.  What’s Immunity Immunity is your body’s ability to defend itself against invading pathogens (disease-causing microbes) using its biological defenses, while also having sufficient tolerance to avoid allergies and autoimmune disorders. What’s Sleep We all know sleep is an essential...
  • Wholesome Living Made Possible

    Wholesome Living Made Possible
    Welcome to the modern times. Rush, hectic pace, home, and office workloads, kids and their homework socializing pressures – life gets maddening at times. And that starts reflecting in stress, lack of sleep, frequent infections and nagging aches and pains. While the demands of modern life cannot be wished away, there is a way to bring balance back to your life. This way is wholesome living. What’s Wholesome Living Wholesome living is a life lived, well, wholesomely. Simply speaking, it is a life lived with balance, where one’s physical and emotional healths are in a state...
  • Four Immunity Building Recipes to Boost Your Wellness

    Four Immunity Building Recipes to Boost Your Wellness
    Your immune system is your body’s army as well as the police force. On one hand, it works to defend against disease-causing external invaders like viruses and bacteria. On the other, it also ensures your own healthy cells and tissues remain unattacked. We can compare these two attributes to everyday ailments. The first would be flu and colds caused by infecting viruses and bacteria. The second would be allergies caused by your own tissues reacting to allergens that crop up during season changes. Healthy immunity is able to minimize both infections and allergies. Either way, a...
  • Immunity Support with WOW Life Science Supplements

    Immunity Support with WOW Life Science Supplements
    Immunity is the body’s ability to identify, kill and dispose off infectious, disease-causing microbes. Immunity also implies the body’s ability to recognize its own defenses and avoid allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders when the immune system is unable to recognize harmless substances and starts attacking it. In a nutshell, immunity is your body’s defense force ready to tackle invaders from outside while ensuring no locals are misidentified. HEALTHY IMMUNITY When your immunity is healthy, you are more likely to avoid infections as well as allergies. For this to happen, your immune system has to be in...
  • How is WOW Skin Science coping with COVID-19?

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    How is WOW Skin Science coping with COVID-19?
    From the very onset of our journey in the skin and hair care line, we at WOW Skin Science have been committed to providing you the very best of nature-inspired products. For us, transparency and quality has always been the top priority.  Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we are more vigilant than ever. The pandemic that has been gripping the world and has been pushing us into isolation has resulted in WOW Skin Science to ponder upon the changes that are needed to be executed. It turns out, the volume of changes required in our systems and...
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