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Experience the pinnacle of wellness with our top-tier Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules, expertly crafted to support heart health, fortify bones, enhance brain function, and promote radiant skin. Embrace a life of vitality and well-being with each capsule, designed for those who demand nothing but the best for their body and mind.

Why Choose Our Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules?

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules stand out in the realm of health supplements, offering a potent blend of EPA, DHA, and other Omega 3 fatty acids, crucial for maintaining optimal health. Here's why our product is the premier choice for discerning individuals:

  • Optimal Formula for Heart and Body: With 550mg of EPA, 350mg of DHA, and 100mg of other Omega 3s in each serving, our capsules ensure a perfect 3:2 EPA to DHA ratio for superior health benefits. These essential fatty acids are vital for heart health, supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reducing inflammation.
  • Advanced Absorption Technology: Say goodbye to the unpleasant fishy aftertaste with our enteric-coated capsules, designed to enhance absorption and ensure a comfortable and beneficial experience.
  • Natural, Pure, and Safe: Our Omega 3 capsules are free from dairy and gluten, catering to all dietary needs. They are meticulously sourced and processed to preserve their natural potency and purity.
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits: Beyond heart health, our Omega 3 capsules contribute to strong bones and joints, improved brain function and nerve health, and glowing skin. They also aid in energy management, metabolism, and weight management.

Benefits of Using Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsule:

  • Support Heart Health: Fortify your cardiovascular system for a stronger heart and healthier life.
  • Strong Bones & Joints: Nurture your body's foundation with essential nutrients for bone and joint health.
  • Enhanced Brain Function: Fuel your mind with the building blocks it needs for optimal cognitive performance.
  • Radiant Skin: Nourish your skin from within, promoting a natural, healthy glow.

Who Should Use Our Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules?

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their overall health and well-being. They are especially beneficial for:

  • Individuals seeking to support heart health and manage cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Those looking to strengthen bones and joints, making them perfect for athletes and the elderly.
  • People aiming to boost brain health, cognitive function, and mental clarity.
  • Anyone desiring to improve skin health, seeking a natural glow and enhanced skin vitality.


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Omega 3 Fatty Acid (mg) 1000, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) (mg) 550, DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) (mg) 350, Other Omega 3 Fatty Acids (mg) 100
60 Capsules
Model name
Omega 3 Capsules
Ideal for
Improves Heart Health, Enhances Bone & Joint Health, Strengthens Nerve Health
Country of Origin
Use Before:
24 Months from the date of manufacture
Harsh Chemical Free

Step 1
Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with healthy fat-rich meals along with plenty of water or
Step 2
Consult a healthcare professional for prescribed dosages.
Step 3
Best results observed when used regularly for 2-3 months.
Manufacturer Name: Amster Labs, Amster Labs, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh: 173205
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