Charcoal Skin Care Kit ( Face wash + peel off + body wash ) - Net Vol. 500 ml

Charcoal Skin Care Kit ( Face wash + peel off + body wash ) - Net Vol. 500 ml



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Product Description

Get rid of pollutants on skin and revive your dull, aging skin with WOW Skin Science Activated Charcoal Foaming Face Wash. It comes with a built-in face brush with soft silicone bristles to help exfoliate dirt from your skin and clear out grime from the pores. Its natural actives gently wash away skin impurities giving your skin a chance to repair itself and restore natural radiance. Activated charcoal helps trap and draw out pollutants, dirt and impurities from the skin. Tea tree essential oil helps to protect skin from acne causing germs. It keeps blackheads and acne in check. It also supports in repairing scars and acne-induced wounds. Aloe vera and vitamins B5 and E help to nourish and maintain skin health. Skin feels hydrated and supple after use. This foaming face wash is non-drying on the skin.

Activated charcoal face mask by WOW Skin Science is an advanced, superior-quality peel off enriched with Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Transpose & Aloe Vera Extracts. Charcoal face pack is perfect if you have oily or acne prone skin because it absorbs excess sebum without stripping away natural oils like some traditional cleansers do. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals so it won't irritate sensitive skin types either. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder helps gently suck out blackheads and draw out hidden-away toxins and impurities even from deep within the pores; making your skin much clearer, brighter and younger. They 3 together promote a powerful detoxifying action that works by trapping & removing pollutants even from the insides of the pores on your skin. Pollutants cause a million skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne, allergies, fine lines & other visible signs of aging.

WOW Skin Science Charcoal 2 In 1 Shampoo & Body Wash has the clarifying goodness of activated bamboo charcoal that traps, binds and washes away dirt, grime and impurities from skin and hair. It also has Argan Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to nourish and protect your skin and hair. Its smoky-earthy smell feels really serene.

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